What I'm talking about.

As you can see, this is a picture what I'm talking about. Sincerely, Gabe Sotillo. (This picture as recently been changed to what they look like in real life, at least what we know they look like in real life). Click on the picture to see the recent change.

These are just like fanmade sing a ma jig duets but now they split up. You can even conjoin the big ones with different little ones, such as plum with yellow puppy, or gold with pink teddy bear, or sea green with green koala, or royal blue with pink baby, or red with green kitten.

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If  both of them sing one song when conjoined, It's my beleif that the big one and little one should sing  their own seperate songs when split up.

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1. Sea Green or Red Puppy

2. Purple or Pink Baby

3. Red or Yellow Puppy

4. Royal Blue or Green Kitten

5. Fuschia or Green Kitten

6. Plum or Sea Green Baby

7. Dark Blue or Yellow Mouse

8. Gold or Green Koala

9. Orange or Pink Teddy Bear

10. Apple or Pink bunny