This is what she looks like.

Anita is a fanmade Sing-a-ma-ling. She sings "Who's Thing is a Thing?"

There are also 2 tones she has: alto and soprano. The soprano version has the voice wiggle and the alto version does not.


She is neon yellow with a blue nose and pink mouth. She also has a dress like Frankie's but is blue instead of purple, and she finally, has short fuschia hair.

Lyrics to her song

Who never directs the light of the sky?

She never controls, I don't like to roam

Who's thing is a thing? Who ignores my direct?

She never fails the light of my tune, my love is there for you


Hello there, Anita so bond. (Sign on/first squeeze)

So, of course and song. (Song entry)

Nighty-night-night. (Sign off)

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