This is a fanmade Sing-a-ma-Jig by WatermelonSunshine. Her voice is the same as the witch, but chatter mode sounds like Frost's chatter. She is "atomic" yellow with one, pink, flower-shaped eye. She has one triangular ear and one square ear, as well as a magenta nose and a turquoise mouth. She wears a periwinkle shirt with frilly sleeves and sparkles. Her arms are the same pose as the Pink and her legs are the same as the Violet. She sings "Jim Along Josie." As always, the lyrics are on (


Sign-On: Nice to meet you!

Song: Ready to sing?

Sign-Off: Bye-bye, friend!


She is kinda like Teslo from Mixels because both are yellow, and have one triangular ear and one square ear and one eye.

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