This fanmade singamajig is Disney Store exclusive and it celebrates BB's 11th anniversary on Disney Junior (then Playhouse Disney). She is yellow and black horizontal striped with black eyes the same shape as the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun singamajig, a banana yellow nose, a black and pink vertical striped mouth, iridescent white wings, removable pink glasses, a lemon yellow stinger instead of feet, the same arm pose as the Purple, black hair, one bright yellow bow and one bubblegum pink bow. She also has black antennae and a mezzo-alto voice ala the silver. She sings "I Can't Spell Hippopotamus."

Here's how she signs on, enters song mode and signs off:

Sign on: Hi everyone! It's nice to see you.

Song mode entry: Here's the buzz on some great music. It's music time!

Sign off: Catch you later!

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