This is the 1st all new fanmade sing a ma jig quartet by Punchcar63. The big one is blue with the same ears as the kelly green, black star eyes, a purple nose and a light blue mouth. The 1st kitten is red with triangle ears, black rectangle eyes, a dandelion nose and a white mouth. The 2nd kitten is the exact same little one from the fuschia duet, but is orange with a green nose and a pink mouth,.The 3rd kitten is not exactly like the little one from the Royal blue duet because it has a red and purple split nose and a fuschia mouth, and this quartet sings Yankee Doodle

This is how they sign on, enter song mode and sign off:

Sign on: Big one: Hi there. Red kitten: Hi! Orange and green kittens: Hello! (Orange kitten signing on before the green one)

Song mode entry: Big one:Let's sing! Green kitten: Song time! Red and Orange kittens: Time to sing! (All 4 entering song mode in 1 at a time)

Sign off: Big one: Bye bye. All 3 kittens: Bye for now.

Here are their voices:

Big one: Same as Pumpkin

Red kitten: Same as Red

Orange kitten: Same as Purple

Green kitten: Same as Pink
Blue with red, orange and green kitties

This is what they all look like.

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