Chef sing a ma jig

This is what he looks like.

Chef is a fanmade Kohls Exclusive Sing-a-ma-jig. He is the same shade of blue as the Orange Sing-a-ma-jig's Shirt, wears a chef's hat, has the same ears as the Orange Sing-a-ma-jig, green circle eyes, a purple nose, a pink mouth, wears a chef's outfit, has the same arm pose as the Purple Sing-a-ma-jig, but mirrored, the same feet as the Snowman, the same voice as the Lime Sing-a-ma-jig but in a french accent, and he sings "Hot Cross Buns". He signs on by saying "Bonjour!", enters song mode by saying "Let's Sing!" and signs off by saying "Au revoir friends!