The dark green sing a ma jig is a fanmade sing a ma jig. He has blue hair, red rectangle eyes, a brown nose and an orange mouth. He has the same ear shape as the little one from the royal blue sing a ma jig duet, the same hand pose as the teal sing a ma jig and the same feet as the purple one. He has the same voice as the dark purple sing a ma jig. The dark green sing a ma jig has the same shirt as the hot pink but instead of light green and yellow flowers, it's dark blue with green flowers, and he sings "This old man, he played one". He signs on by saying 'Howdy doo.", enters song mode by saying "Let's sing together." and signs off by saying "Bye for now." This is the first singamajig with rectangle eyes.
Dark green sing a ma jig

This is what he looks like.

Rhymes: 1- on my thumb 2- just for you 3- on my tree 4- on the floor 5- on a bee hive 6- on the bricks 7- by the oven 8- as he ate 9- on a line 10- once again 11- all the way to Devon 12- dig and delve 13- and it don't hurt' im 14- going a courting 15- as he's licking 16- when he's milking 17- happily 18- and it's great 19- and he isn't fighting 20- and it's plenty

After 20, he says "Alright. Let's sing again."