The dark blue sing a ma jig is a fanmade sing a ma jig by Punchcar63. He is dark blue colored, has the same ear shape as the 1st yellow sing a ma jig, wears green hair on top, has a green nose and an orange mouth. The dark blue sing a ma jig has the same feet as the teal sing a ma jig and the same hand pose as the mint green. He wears a plain white shirt and sings "If you're happy and you know it." The dark blue has the same voice as the birthday tenor sing a ma jigs, but instead of saying happy birthday, he says "Greetings. It's nice to see you." He enters song by saying "Let's sing. A 1, and A 2, and HIT IT!" and he signs off by saying, "Bye bye. Come play with me again."
Dark blue sing a ma jig

This is what he looks like.