The " It Was Acceptable In The 80's" Sing-a-ma-jig is a fanmade "The Hits" Sing-a-ma-jig. He is deep blue, and looks a lot like the big one from the Dark Blue duet, but with a yellow nose and a red mouth, green hair, both hands being the same as the right hand and wears a red shirt with orange stars saying "It Was Acceptable in The 80's" in Fuschia Letters with a retro font. He has a mezzo-bass voice, sort of like the Skeleton. He sings "It was Acceptable in the 80s" by Calvin Harris, signs on by saying "Hey there!", enters song mode by saying "Time to rock and roll!" and signs off by saying "Thank you all!"
3. Acceptible in the 80's

This is what he looks like.

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