This is the all new magenta with sky blue puppy sing a ma jig duet by Punchcar63. They both have a blue nose. The big one is magenta with short ears, green damond eyes, and a black mouth. She has the same hands as the reindeer and the same feet as the orange but in a different way. The little one is sky blue with dog ears, black round eyes, and a green mouth. He has the same hands as the little one from the gold duet and the same feet as the purple. They sing "Sailing"like the mermaid. The big one herself has the same voice as the mermaid and the little one himself has the same voice as the birthday tenor.
Magenta with sky blue puppy

This is what they look like.

Sign in: Both: Ahoy (At the same time) Little one: Let's be friends!

Song mode: Big one: Song time! Little one: It's time to sing!

Sign off: Big one: Bon voyage, Don't forget to write! Little one: Send us a message.

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