Mini Sing-a-ma-jigs are just like the original Sing-a-ma-jigs, but smaller. They also have a keychain clip!

There are 8 different color Mini Sing-a-ma-jigs:


  • The Orange, Purple, Hot Pink and Mint Green ones are Japan exclusive.
  • The pink one is the only one that has hair. The other 7 don't have hair.
  • The mint green one is the only one that has a sleeveless shirt.
  • The blue one is the only one that has perfectly round hands. He is the first mini sing a ma jig.
  • The orange one is the only one whose ears didn't match the real one, who is a different vocal range than the real one, and has even a different voice.
  • The American versions only do song mode, whereas the Japanese versions only do harmony mode. The Japanese versions even sign on, unlike the American versions.