Pastel Blue with Orange Bunny is a fanmade Sing-a-ma-jig Duet. The big one is pastel blue, has pink hair, the same ears as the big one from the Royal Blue duet, black circle eyes, an electric blue nose, a pink mouth, the same hand pose as the Lime Sing-a-ma-jig, and the same feet as the Midnight Sing-a-ma-jig. The little one is orange, has the same ears as the little one from the fanmade Apple duet, black circle eyes, a yellow nose, a mouth that is colored the same way as the mouth of the Tangerine Sing-a-ma-jig, the same arms as the little one from the Plum duet and the same feet as the little one from the Purple duet. They sing "Ain't We Got Fun".

Here is what their voices sound like.

Big One: Robot (Normal voice for sign on, song mode and sign off)

Little One: Little One from the Royal Blue duet (while harmonizing in a voice that sounds alot like the little one from the Gold duet)

Here's how they sign on, enter song mode and sign off.

Sign on: Big one: "Hi there!"  Little one: "Hello!"

Song mode: Both (at the same time): "Song!"

Sign off: Big one: "See You Later!"  Little one: "Bye Bye!"

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