New robot sing a ma jig

This is what he looks like.

This new robot sing a ma jig is a fanmade sing a ma jig by Punchcar 63. He is red, has square eyes, one yellow and one purple, has a dark blue nose and a green mouth. He has the same voice as the dark purple. He sings "Hello! Ma Baby" like the Purple duet and Bright Red, has the same ear shape as the little one from the orange sing a ma jig duet, same hand pose as the first robot, has the same shirt as the new yellow, but instead of blue, it's green, and the same feet as the snowman but in robot form. He signs in by saying "Hello" in a robot voice, Enters song mode by saying "Singing in 3, 2, 1. It's time to sing" in a robot voice, and signs off by saying "Powering Down in 3, 2, 1. See you later, earthling." yet in a robot voice.