Rose with Green Teddy Bear is a fanmade sing-a-ma-ling duet. The parent is the same color as the rose sing a ma jig with blue square eyes, a pink nose and an olive green mouth and ears of that of the little one of the royal blue duet. the baby is lime green with red square eyes, circles on its hands, ears and feet ala the teddy bear from the Orange duet, dark blue colored paw pads and inside-of-ear coloring, a gold nose and a pineapple colored mouth and sing "3 Little Kittens." The big one has the same voice as the rose while the little one has the voice that is the same as the birthday tenor one.

Rose with Green Teddy Bear

This is what they look like.

Signon: Little one: Hello! Big one: Meow, meow!

Song mode: Song! (little one first)

Signoff: Both: Bye bye!