The Royal Blue Sing-a-ma-jig Duet is one of the 4 Sing-a-ma-jigs Duets that were not exclusive to any retailer. It sings "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow!". 

Royal Blue


Color of Baby
"For He's a Jolly Good Fellow!"
First Marketed


The Big one is blue. The big one has blue circle eyes, a yellow nose and a pink mouth and ears that are shaped the same way as the Lilac Sing-a-ma-jig except that they are straighter and a bit longer. It holds a green kitten which has ears that are shaped like a cat's ears, black circle eyes, and has a light pink nose and an orange mouth.

What Their Voices Sound Like

Big One: Lime (Sign on, harmonizing, entering song mode and sign off); Light Blue (Singing)

Little One: New Yellow (Harmonizing); Valentine's Day Sing-a-ma-jig (Chattering and Entering Song Mode)

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