The Sea Green Sing-a-ma-jig Duet is one of the 4 Sing-a-ma-jigs Duets that were not exclusive to any retailer. It sings "BINGO". 

Sea Green


Color of Baby
First Marketed


The Big one is sea green. The big one has purple hair, black circle eyes, an orange nose and a yellow mouth and purple ears that are fairly short. It holds a red puppy which has fairly short ears, black circle eyes, and has a yellow nose and a purple mouth, as well as a purple tail.

What Their Voices Sound Like

Big One: Unique 

Little One: Unique 


In one picture, the little one's eyes were purple and the little one's mouth was yellow. In real life, the eyes are actually black and the mouth is actually purple. On some versions, the little one's mouth is yellow, but the eyes are still black.

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