1.Lime: Bye Bye!
2.Purple: Night Night!
3.Hot Pink: So Long!
4.Mint Green: Good Night!
5.Light Blue: Bye Bye!
6.New Red: Fare-Thee-Well!
7.New Yellow (Yellow 2): Bye Bye!
8.Midnight Blue: Bye Bye!
9.Frost: Bye Bye!
10.Aqua: Bon Voyage!
11.Rose: Farewell!
12.Violet: See You Later!
13.Dark Purple (Purple 2): Night Night!
14.Lilac: Bye Bye!
15.Lemon (Yellow 3): Adios!
16.Yellow 1: See You Later!
17.Red 1: See You Later!
18.Pink: See You Later!
19.Teal: Bye Bye!
20.Orange: Later!
21.Tangerine (Orange 2): Bye Bye!
22. Lawn Green: See You Later!
23.Santa: Bye Bye!
24.Robot (Kohls Exclusive): Powering Down in 3,2,1. Bye Bye!
25.Mermaid (Kohls Exclusive): Bon Voyage, Don't Forget to Write!
26.Fairy (Kohls Exclusive): See You Later!
27:Valentine's Day: Bye Bye!
28.Easter: Happy Easter!
29.Independence Day: Bye Bye!
30.Pumpkin: Happy Halloween!
31.Ghost (Target Exclusive): Happy Halloween!
32.Skeleton (Target Exclusive): Scare You Later!
33.Witch (Target Exclusive): See You Later!
34.Reindeer: Bye Bye!
35.Snowman: Bye Bye!
36: Birthday Tenor: Can I Have Cake Too?
37.Birthday Soprano: Bye Bye, Birthday!
38.Mickey Mouse: See You Later Pal!
38. Minnie Mouse: See You Soon!