This new superhero sing a ma jig is a fanmade sing a ma jig by Punchcar63. He is lime green with teal hair, has the same ears as the big one from the gold sing a ma jig duet, wears a super hero mask and costume, has black triangular eyes, has the same hand pose as the snowman, and has the same feet as the teal sing a ma jig. has a black nose and a red mouth. He has the voice wiggle effect, has the same voice as the orange sing a ma jig (While harmonizing is the same pitch as the violet) so he harmonizes in a pretty high voice, and sings "You're a winner if you try". His super hero mask is blue, his suit is red with a purple s and his boxers are yellow, and his cape is orange. He signs in by saying "Hello hero fans!" in a super hero way, enters song mode by saying "Let's sing. Everybody is welcome one and all!", in a super hero way, and signs off by saying "See you later. Don't forget to call me again!" in a super hero way,
Superhero sing a ma jig

This is what he looks like.