Lime: Song!
Purple: Song!
Hot Pink: Now Let's Sing!
Mint Green: Let's Sing!
Light Blue: Let's Sing!
New Red: Let Us Sing!
New Yellow (Yellow 2): Little Song!
Midnight Blue: Let's Sing!
Frost: Song!
Aqua: Sea Shanty!
Rose: Song?
Violet: Song!
Dark Purple (Purple 2): Song!
Lilac: Song!
Lemon (Yellow 3): Song!
Yellow 1: Song!
Red 1: Song!
Pink: Song!
Teal: Song!
Orange 1: Song!
Tangerine (Orange 2): Sing With Me!
Lawn Green: Song!
Santa: Song!
Robot: Prepare to Sing!
Mermaid: It's Time to Sing!
Fairy: Sing With Me!
Valentine's Day: Song!
Easter: Song!
Independence Day: Sing With Me!
Pumpkin: Song!
Skeleton: Song!
Ghost: Song!
Witch: Song!
Reindeer: Song!
Snowman: Song!

Birthday Tenor: It's Showtime!

Birthday Soprano:

Mickey Mouse Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse!
Minnie Mouse Are You Ready For A Song?

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